Call for Abstracts

Exceptionally, due to a huge number of requests, we have extended the deadline to the 20th March 2023. The last call is mandatory and will not be further postponed. 

Thank you to all those who have submitted the abstract within the regular deadline.
We have received more than 600 works, that are now under the reviewing process..


The congress theme is Championing our Patients’ Future Through Collaboration and Innovation in Psycho-Oncology.
IPOS 2023 will provide a unique opportunity for those wishing to submit abstracts for presentation; you will be provided the option to present in-person. You are kindly required to declare your preference upon submission. Please note that acceptance will be subject to the number of slots allotted to each of these options.
The official language of IPOS World Congress 2023 is English.

20th March 2023

NEW deadline to submit your abstract

Psychosocial Academy Training Workshops

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Abstract themes

  • Innovation

    • New technologies (eHealth, mHealth, teleHealth, Predictive Models)
    • Implementation science (translational psycho-oncology, implementation models, organisational readiness for change)
    • Intervention models for specific cancer types
  • Education

    • Health promotion and cancer prevention (Integrative cancer care, Psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology and cancer progression)
    • Psychoneuroimmunology and cancer survival
    • Cancer treatment-related symptoms and toxicity management (psychosocial symptoms, sexual health, cardiotoxicity, neurocognitive monitoring and rehabilitation)
    • Palliative and end-of-life care
    • Health and disease in the people who care (cancer family system’s and health professionals’ wellbeing; health professionals’ burn-out)
    • Communication in cancer care
    • Cultures, countries, and international collaborations
    • Cultural issues and international collaborations
    • Burn-out and interventions to reduce it in HCPs
    • Caregivers’ needs and interventions addressing them
    • Paediatric oncology issues and psychosocial interventions
    • AYA issues and interventions addressing their needs
    • Rare cancers
  • Equity

    • Environment, Equity and economy (e.g. low-resourced settings, disasters/displaced populations, LMI countries vs. HI countries, urban vs. rural environments)
    • Ethics and decision making in cancer care (Risk perception and communication; shared decision making; Decision support; Decision aids; Patient and Stakeholder Preferences)
    • Patient’s advocacy and community care services
    • Fund-raising activities and strategies
  • Measuring efficacy

    • Cost-effectiveness and Value-based medicine (Economic evaluation of psychosocial services in cancer)
    • Assessment instruments and research methods in cancer care
    • Engagement and adherence to cancer treatments
  • Sustainable Psychology

    • Empirically supported treatments
    • informational e-handouts
    • Connected Health
    • Survivorship and Quality of Life

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