Ketti Mazzocco

University of Milano, Italy

Thomas Hack

University of Manitoba, Canada

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
We are very proud to be hosting the 24th World Congress of Psycho-Oncology 2023, which will be held in Milano, Italy, from 31st August to 3rd September 2023.
The theme for the meeting is: Championing our Patients’ Future Through Collaboration and Innovation in Psycho-Oncology.
Moreover, 5 goals have been defined: innovation, education, equity, measuring efficacy, and sustainable psycho-oncology. We will develop each of these goals keeping the focus on how these can be applied in each area. The needs of each individual patient and the support to offer to their close family, carers and healthcare professional of reference, will be taken into careful consideration as well as the gaps in care that need to be addressed.
We are therefore looking forward to welcoming you to our beautiful city of Milano and to sharing and comparing our professional experiences with the goal of improving the care that our patients receive in their most vulnerable moments through partnership, research, advocacy, and education.

The IPOS World Congress will be the best opportunity for providing state-of-the art information and the latest tools that enable to better disseminate information and knowledge as well as to enhance the quality of daily care.

We do hope we will have the chance of working together for this important event that will inevitably impact the lives of so many patients all over the world.

Looking forward to meeting with you in Milano!

Yours sincerely,
Ketti Mazzocco             Thomas Hack
Chair, IPOS 2023          Co-Chair, IPOS 2023