No doubt, Milano is the capital of Italian and international fashion and design which are part of the bones of the city and can be enjoyed walking around the city.

Milano incorporates luxury, art, gastronomy, and culture. The city houses, in the Fashion Quad, famous as Quadrilatero della moda, some of the world’s most famous Italian and international haute-couture fashion designers with their boutiques and showrooms, as well as best luxury and jewellery boutiques, in a central district with wonderful historic buildings and amazing internal courtyards.

A particularly picturesque area is the canal district, called Navigli, with characteristic railed apartment blocks facing onto the canals. During the day, this area is the centre of alternative fashion stores and street style, an ideal spot for a special purchase like second hand or unique one-off clothing, handmade shoes, and accessories in the most unusual materials. In the evening, it is the ideal place where you can sit and have a drink and dinner on a warm evening.

Dozens of traditional and high-quality old restaurants stand side by side with the city’s most fashionable music venues.

La Rinascente, located in the very heart of the city, right next to the Cathedral, is Milano’s temple of shopping, a mandatory stop for those who love shopping. Inside, you will find all national and international brands, spanning seven floors from the ground floor dedicated to interior design, up to the top floor where you will find the Food Hall with a breath-taking view on the Cathedral lying just a few metres away.